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Lee Smith US Mortgage Corp VP of Renovation Lending / FHA 203k Specialist NMLS # 188505
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Looking for an FHA Loan?   Why not make it an FHA 203K?

FHA 203K Renovation & Home Improvement Financing for Purchasing or Refinancing Your Home

For Purchase . . . For Refinance . . . All in One Loan!

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Avoid Common Financing Roadblocks

Avoid getting your financing denied due to property conditions
Avoid any upfront property repair requirements

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Improvements are Made After Closing

Improve your home Size
Improve your home Comfort
Improve your home Value

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Finance + Improvements!

Combine  your home improvement funds with your purchase or refinance loan to Renovate, Repair, Rehab, or Remodel your property all at the same time.

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The property you want awaits you.
Whether your home improvements are necessary or by choice, either way you are covered with the 203k loan. Remove the stress of any upfront repairs minor or major by getting them done after closing. Qualifying is similar to what you can expect when getting a typical mortgage and the process is a smooth one once you understand the additional home improvement portion. So, get approved or pre-approved and take advantage of the benefits of the 203k.

Types of sales & properties:
regular standard listing, Foreclosure, HUD repos, REO, For sale by Owner, as well as other sales, plus it can be used to refinance. Eligible properties include Single family, 2 to 4 units, Condos, townhomes and even mixed use.

Contact me now, to accomplish your goals and plans. I look forward to hearing from you.
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FHA 203K Mortgage Lender Washington DC
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(888) 203-3749 (888) 203-3749 This is my direct line! Let's talk!

Lee Smith  is an FHA 203k Lender helping homebuyers, homeowners and real estate agents with their Renovation Loan financing throughout the District of Columbia / Washington DC area.